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Compiled in collaboration with London’s most influential bloggers, explore the capital’s best shopping hot spots, hidden gems and places to keep fit and healthy. There’s also a mouthwatering selection of restaurants and bars to help you unwind after a long day in the city. London never looked so good…


Today, the area of Bank is commonly associated with business, and if you take a stroll through its streets during office hours you’ll find them filled with workers

Canary Wharf & The Docklands

Long before the Shard dominated London’s skyline, 1 Canada Square was the globally-recognised symbol of the city’s financial and corporate service industry.


Filled with narrow streets, cobbled alleys and secret squares Clerkenwell is also charmingly green, littered with tiny parks and gardens

Covent Garden

Covent Garden – at the heart of London’s famous West End – is the home of theatre and music, including the magnificent, Royal Opera House

King’s Cross

The area surrounding London Bridge and Borough is immensely popular with visitors and locals alike and is one of the busiest parts of south London.


Home to many of London’s richest inhabitants, as well as the city’s most opulent department store – Harrods – Knightsbridge is a glamourous and glittering area. The area is home to the flashy, One Hyde Park, apartment blocks and various luxury hotels, but it’s not a neighbourhood that’s all about steel and glass.

London Bridge and Borough

The area surrounding London Bridge and Borough is immensely popular with visitors and locals alike and is one of the busiest parts of south London.


The pronunciation of the name of this area divides even life-long resident Londoners. Whether you call it ‘Marry-leh-bon’ or ‘Marly-bone’, this neighbourhood is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive addresses in the city.


Mayfair is one of the city’s most desirable addresses, whether you are a London resident, business owner, retailer, or entertainment mogul.


The area of Holborn is often recognised as the realm of lawyers, thanks to the scattering of inns and chambers across the area and the solid presence of the Royal Courts of Justice to the south of Holborn, on the Strand.


With its rich history associated with the Royal Family, science and even literature, Paddington is an area of London that is familiar with most thanks to its railway station


Once a notoriously seedy corner of East London, Shoreditch is now one of the city’s hottest locations. Londoners and tourists flock to this area to shop, eat and drink and seek out diverse forms of entertainment.


Soho retains a reputation for entertainment and eating, thanks to the wealth of restaurants, bars and clubs that lines its main roads and narrow side streets

St. Paul's

The magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, but stray just a little way off the busy roads that surround the cathedral and there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. The winding lanes south of St Paul’s Churchyard are full of old pubs, little shops and even an extremely fine youth hostel.


Surrounded by wealthy areas of Belgravia, Westminster and Pimlico, the area of Victoria is rapidly becoming more than just a railway station and coach stop.