Trying to not do any real work? These office toys should help keep you distracted.

1. Death Row Marv Figure


One of the greatest toys-based-on-comic-book-characters around. Feel free to electroshock Marv with impunity, and listen to him belittle your co-workers’ best efforts afterwards.

2. The Magic 8-Ball


A silly toy, yes, but watch in amusement as your co-workers ask it life-defining questions and walk away in tears at the answers it gives. Get a Sarcastic 8-Ball for extra effect. A toy, or just cruel punishment?

3. Silly Putty


This invention has saved lives. One of the best and simplest stress-relievers around.

4. ‘Thinking’ Putty


Want silly putty that can do a little more, including changing colour, dripping and stripping wallpaper? This is the ultimate update of one of the world’s greatest stress-relieving devices.

5. The Slinky


There’s always room for the classics. The slinky will help everyone relive their fondest childhood memories.

6. The Bubble Copter


This remote control toy isn’t only great fun to fly around, but also gives you bubbles. A joyous device that will surely help spread peace across the world.

7. Bluetooth Micro RC Car by Zen Wheels


You can control this car precisely using a computer or smartphone. An alternative to huge remote control cars, and great for office races and the like.

8. Japanese Pocket Puzzle


There are many types of pocket puzzles, ranging in difficulty yet all intricately-crafted. Should you complete an ultra-hard level 6 puzzle, you should probably be solving engineering problems and doing something useful with your life.

9. The Kendama


This classic Japanese game is similar to the cup-and-ball game, and is quite often seen being played by martial artists to improve hand-to-eye coordination. Should you achieve a high Kendama ranking, you may well find yourself wanted by Japanese employers.

10. Supaboy Portable SNES Console


Want to show your retro game-loving employees you love them? Then get them the Supaboy console and let them play on it after a hard day’s work.

11. Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Toy


OK, the originals are collectors items and will probably cost enough to make you not want to play with it, but there are many cheaper models out there. One of the coolest things ever to have on your desk. Just sit back and soak in the awe of those around you.

12. Finger Drums


Want to keep your fingers busy and thrash out some of that aggression? Or perhaps you just wish to work on your drum patterns? This is the ultimate piece of kit for noise-makers everywhere.

13. My Mini Golf


An inexpensive way of creating a mini-golf course and having a post-work gaming tournament. This one’s for the Friday night pre-pub entertainment.

14. The Bongo Board


Have an upcoming trip to the Alps? Improve your snowboarding balance with this classic surfer device.

15. USB Storm O.I.C Missile Launcher


Ever thought of starting all out war with those on the desk next to you? Well, now you can with this Google office favourite.

16. Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube


This fiendish puzzle makes the Rubik’s Cube look like a walk in the park. This toy will help usher in a new era of frustration at the office.

17. Zombie Target Dummies


The ultimate in zombie apocalypse training apparatus. The target even bleeds when you hit it. Remember though: only head shots will do in a real zombie situation.

18. Dungeon-Building Dice Sets


Play Dungeons-and-Dragons on the go using this dice set to create a randomised dungeon crawl. Nerd Nirvana.

19. Tetris Link


This is an updated version of Connect 4 based on Tetris, where each player must try and link a line of the same-coloured blocks to score.