With only so many hours in the day, it is essential that we maximise the time we have. The main difference between the best of the best and the rest is the way that they utilise their time.

The most successful people are up exceptionally early, setting a productive tone for the day first thing in the morning – before many of their peers have even risen to their alarms.

Rise & Shine

pexels-photo-359989Time is an invaluable asset, and successful people often rise before the sun, at 5.30 or even 4 am. They spend these precious uninterrupted hours taking care of personal tasks and preparing for the day ahead.


Making time for exercise in the morning is key. Exercise helps you to think clearer, combats stress, as well as improving your health and happiness.

bruno-nascimento-149663Fitness is essential for the health of both body and mind. Successful people prioritise a workout first thing in the morning to wake up their body and get their endorphins racing, preparing them for the day ahead.

Fuel your body

Successful people don’t leap out of bed and head straight for the computer. They understand the importance of reducing stress, relaxing and preparing the body and mind. More often than not, they’re the people that enjoy a nutritious breakfast to fuel their body for the important day ahead.

pexels-photo-197394Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to provide energy to get the mind and body ready for the rest of the day. Successful people enjoy nutritious breakfasts comprised of whole grains, slow-release carbs and fruit.

Time is a luxury, enjoy it and feed yourself a wholesome breakfast. Fuelling your body for the tasks that lay ahead of you will help you maintain a steady focus throughout the day.

Plan & Strategize

The early morning hours are the perfect time to plan your day ahead. Successful people use this time while their minds are fresh, to visualise and prioritise their daily tasks. This helps to make the day more manageable, less daunting and ultimately less stressful.

Quality time

For those that have children, you don’t want to find yourself looking back and thinking ‘my children grew up so fast, I barely had time with them’.

alexander-dummer-150646Successful people with exceptionally busy schedules utilise the morning hours to spend time with their family and loved ones. These precious hours are spent playing and bonding with their children, helping them with their homework, getting them dressed and fed. It is important to not let work get in the way of quality family time.

Check the headlines

Whether it is reading the newspapers, online magazines, watching the news or scrolling through Twitter and Facebook – most successful people dedicate time in their morning rituals to get up to date on the latest news, trends and popular topics. This helps them to keep on top of what is going on in the world, whether this directly impacts their business or not. Keeping up to date on current news is key to success.

So there you have it, six habits that highly successful people fit into their early morning rituals. Time is a precious commodity and sleeping the day away simply diminishes the chance of success.