We’ve heard from a lot of small, medium and large sized businesses alike, who have often asked us – “We’ve decided to move office. But we don’t really know how to start.”

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in person’s lifetime, but if you’re a business owner, then relocating your staff, equipment, and then the upheaval to new premises is probably just as daunting. If you had a checklist when you moved office, wouldn’t it be a lot more simple? From our experience in the industry (and having moved once or twice ourselves), Flexioffices have put together an infographic which gives you step by step advice on how to move from an old office to a new one.


Feel free to embed this infographic on to your website or blog – but please credit us with a link to Thank you!

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  • EvaLennon

    A picture is worth of 100 words. The info graphic you have created is worth to understand all the process for successful move. I think any one can understand all the process of moving easily and can make the moving process easy and comfortable.

  • Deep Roy

    Thanks for sharing this nice and very well explained infographics that anyone can follow while moving their office quite easily.

    Creation of a detailed checklist and distributing that to all your employees make lots of difference. This way all of your team member get to know what they have to do and how to take care of their own goods like files, keyboard, speakers etc.

    Do you have similar Infographics for Household Goods packing and shifting?
    Thanks again for sharing this.

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  • Just found this, really nice infographic. Shame there’s not information about the actual moving day and packing up process! I would always recommend hiring a removals company for this, but with offices there is different strategies involved (compared to moving house) as computers and large equipment and technology such as printers, etc have to be accounted for, moved safely and unpacked first.