Top ten most unusual places to set up your office


Like most people, your office probably has that all-round grey feeling and generic interior. Whether you work in a large communal space split into booths, or a smaller space shared with just a few select others in your company or department, it’s often a challenge to get any view to the outside world, let alone a good one. Well if it’s inspiration that you’re looking for, or just the chance to daydream, take a look at some of the world’s most unusual office spaces.

Selgas Cano Architecture Bureau – Madrid

Designed by the architects themselves and situated in a forest near Madrid, these offices are far from the usual with glass walls letting in views that beat gazing out over a concrete jungle.

Hemingway’s Outdoor Home Office – Middlesex

The Designers of Red or Dead work through the summer in their outdoor office. The two levelled office space has a communal suspended desk on the lower floor and is made from reclaimed wood, taking you back to nature in the tepee inspired design.



Paul Caudamy’s cardboard office

Using a shoestring budget Caudamy managed to create different areas within a single warehouse using only cardboard.


Casa na Árvore- Southern Brazil

This tree house office in Brazil is every little boy’s dream turned into a reality. It certainly beats working in a concrete high-rise.




Bahnhof – Stockholm

The Swedish internet service provider needed a secure location to set up its offices and this underground bunker set into the side of a mountain is perfect. Although there are no views from the nuclear bomb shelter, the glass walled, circular conference room, suspended over the rock floor is inspirational.

Red Bull – London

Including a rooftop garden, slides to get between floors and table tennis conference tables, the Red Bull staff are on the ball.





                                                                  Google Offices – California

If one of the most powerful companies in the world creates distractions such as an aquarium room, office booths in cable cars and bean bags, then it must help employee productivity.



Village Underground – Shoreditch, London

Made from old underground carriages placed on the rooftop of a warehouse space used to house gigs and events, the Village underground is an innovative office space that was designed to be unusual but cost effective.


Pixar – California

Creative employees need creative environments, so it’s no surprise that Pixar have firemen’s poles, Lego castles and forests inside their offices.



Facebook Offices – California

Using a huge warehouse and garage space, the designers spoke to the employees to see what they’d like to see it their offices, how they would like to work and where it should be located before putting it all together to create this innovative, workspace.



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