Top ten ways to create a healthy office environment


A workload on your mind is hard enough to cope with sometimes, and being in an unproductive atmosphere can make your days feel like they last longer than they need be.

Here are some top ways to make your space more comfortable and easier to work in:

1. Get a plant

The idea of a plant’s impact on a person’s mental functions has always been a subject of debate, as little has been proved. However, recently universities in the UK, USA and Netherlands have planted the seed that plants can actually help to reduce stress in the workplace, and increase productivity in office workers. Although results may be small and implicit, the calming presence of plants can show a gradual effect on those performing particularly basic tasks. They are also pretty awesome.

Photo [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Lighting

A dark and bare office can dampen an employee’s spirit as soon as they arrive to work, while comparably harsh and plain lighting can only hold a reminder to the dreaded dentist’s chair. Add a softer desk lamp or a few little light pieces to your own tastes. It’s also far more flattering to your face and appearance (less emphasis on your work-related worry lines).

3. Movement

Taking a break to move around the office often helps too; instead of emailing a colleague, go and talk to them in person. And, if you fancy it, find a part of your office to do some stretches to ease your stiff self.

4. Temperature

A sudden change in temperature, like walking in from the cold into a warm building could be soothing but it can cause a sweat for the rest of your day. Keeping a window slightly open will help you to be more alert and less likely to develop a headache from the stuffy environment.

5. Tidy desk, tidy mind

Reducing your office clutter and keeping an open and available area can affect your mood and level of productivity. It’s hard to keep a straight mind surrounded by piles of unused and old papers; you could be too easily tempted to burn the place down on a bad day.

6. Keep hydrated

Work can get hectic at times so it’s easy to forget to drink the recommended two litres of water a day – it’s a pretty smashing idea to keep a bottle or a few at hand. It’s been shown that too much caffeine can be quite harmful and more likely to cause fatigue and dehydration throughout the day rather than keeping you energised.

7. Eat regularly and healthily

Healthy snacking can be crucial to your productivity in your work place. Try to avoid high sugar and salt content in your foods as you’re pretty much asking for a headache. Instead, store up some nuts and fruits, the natural fats and energy will slowly release through your day and keep you running at a steady pace.

Nuts can be healthy to snack on

8. Open-door policy

Creating an open atmosphere with your workmates is one of the most crucial parts of a healthy office environment. It will bring a lot more comfort to yourself and others as you can discuss your thoughts and concerns. Effective support can be provided if invaluable input, listening and feedback are available.

9. Ergonomic office furniture

Ensure your desk and chair are the right shape and height for you, especially if you’re sat face first into your screen all day. It is key to have the right lighting and hardware equipment; simple things like this can go a long way in making your working day so much easier.

10. Protect yourself against (computer) viruses

If there is anything mind meltingly frustrating, it is a technology meltdown. Loss of work and data is incredibly annoying, so make sure you and your colleagues are effectively protected with up to date recovery systems, the latest firewalls, and anti-virus software. The last thing you need to deal with is technological stress before your day even starts.