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8 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

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A job Interview can be a very stressful experience, and in the heat of the moment people will often say something they probably shouldn’t have. Here are a few things you ought to avoid saying if you want to have any chance of landing that dream job.

1. “Could you tell me more about the company?”

This shows a real lack of professionalism and proves that you didn’t do enough research beforehand. Employers will assume that you will carry this lacklustre attitude into the job and will probably not offer it to you. You should also be able to answer any questions that they pose about the company.

2. “No I don’t have any questions”

You should always ready up some questions to ask the interviewer, either during or at the end of the interview. If you don’t ask any questions it will show that you lack both confidence and a desire to learn more. Asking questions shows that you are truly interested and paying attention and therefore want to develop your knowledge further.

3. “I hate my job and boss”

This sends a quick message that you are uncooperative with others and difficult to manage. It also suggests that you have a poor attitude when it comes to work. Employers do not want to bring a bad egg into the office.

4. “In five years time I see myself in your job”

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. This also shows that you aren’t really interested in the role being offered and only want to use it as a springboard to something higher up. You may also scare the interviewer so much that he/she automatically rejects you on that basis.

5. “Sorry!”

You should never have to apologise for anything in an interview. This shows that you’ve done something wrong such as arriving late or saying something bad. It gives off the impression that you will be unreliable in the role.

6. “What is your policy on holiday and sick pay?”

Planning your future absences from the company before you’ve even started is never a good move. It really displays a lack of commitment to the job early on and shows where your concentration really lies. Questions like this can only be asked after you have been accepted for the job.

7. “How am I doing?”

This suggests a real sense of insecurity and shows that you lack focus. You want employers to listen to you and only judge you at the end of the interview; asking this will allow them to form a quick and probably negative opinion of you midway through. You should have some sort of idea of how it’s going anyway from looking at your interviewer.

8. “I really need a job”

Acting desperate will not work in your favour and shows that you will do anything for money. You want the interviewer to know that you are genuinely interested in this particular role and why. You must be specific and let them see that you are solely focused on getting this one job above all others.

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