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Are employees getting their ROI when it comes to work perks?

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Are modern perks such as ‘Fizz Fridays’ actually appreciated by employees, or are they overlooked in the hope for perks that will lead to career progression? We decided to find out what UK employees really think about the different work perks that companies all around the UK, in cities such as London, Manchester and Leeds, are starting to provide.

One of our main findings is that employers should focus on what makes their employees happy by starting a conversation, rather than guessing what they want. Opening a dialogue about work perks might offer some surprising revelations about what is really important to your employees.

For example, allowing workers time off to take allowing workers time off to take care of their new pup is a great way to make them feel happier and more productive, with 47 per cent (47.14%) of UK workers ranking this as the number one perk to make them feel less stressed, as well as 41 per cent also ranking this as the number one perk to make them more productive (41.13%). Perks such as this shows your employees that you, as an employer, appreciate value them and their hard work.

Our study also showed that employees not only appreciate perks that make their personal lives easier, but also perks such as team building that focus on their career growth/development. Over two-fifths (44%) of workers that have team building events provided by their work think that their workplace provides great perks that make them feel more productive and valued.

So, whether you’re in Shoreditch or Bristol, Newcastle or Camden, we suggest starting an open conversation in the workplace on what the most beneficial perks are - what will make everyone feel happy, productive and what will give them the best return on their investment.

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