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Benefits of Flexible/Hybrid Working

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Authored by Flynn Forster - Content Marketing Lead  

Published 21/03/2022 

Benefits of Flexible/Hybrid working

A flexible working culture is a growing trend in some of the fastest growing companies in the world. With the benefits of technology, and greater expectation from employees, employers are now focusing on ways to provide their staff with a high level of flexibility within the workplace.

Many people enjoy the idea of telecommuting and having the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. However, the reality is that many employees are reluctant to leave their office because they believe that their productivity will take a hit.

Flexible working is a popular topic in business today. Many companies across different industries are offering flexible working to attract the best talent. This article will explore the benefits of flexible working and how it impacts productivity.

The following benefits can be attributed to a flexible workstyle:

1. Improved work-life balance

One of the biggest benefits of flexible working is improved work-life balance. Employees with a high level of flexibility are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave their positions.

2. Employee satisfaction

A flexible working environment lets employees have a great deal of control on what they achieve in their working day. The concept of seeing exactly what they have achieved also leads to greater satisfaction.

3. Increased productivity

Employees can be more productive when they have more control over their working day. Having flexibility over when an employee works can be a great boost to productivity. When employees work in an environment that is suited to them and is comfortable, they are likely to be highly productive.


4. Improved communication

It is common for employees to be scattered in different locations and therefore unable to communicate with each other face-to-face. A flexible working environment allows employees to communicate and collaborate with one another easier. This has a positive impact on employee performance as well as productivity too.

5. Reduced stress

Some employees are affected by work-related stress, which can lower productivity. Stress is caused by internal and external factors.

6. Happier employees = Improved retention rates

A happier employee is a more productive employee. When an employee is happy with their work-life balance and their job in general, their productivity increases.

People are more productive when they are comfortable with their working environment, therefore you will have to make sure you build an environment that your staff want to be in.

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