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How long do serviced office viewings take?

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Finding a serviced office for rent can be a time-sensitive task and there's much to consider. We've put together a few FAQs around serviced office viewings to help you better understand the process: how long viewings take, who's there, how viewings are set up, and what Flexioffices is doing to make the process as seamless as possible.

How long do serviced office viewings take? 

Generally speaking, viewings are granted a 45-minute slot
Some tend to wrap up more quickly but this depends on which provider you are viewing with and how long you feel you need to evaluate the workspace. If you're on a viewing and feel instinctively that that space will help your company thrive, you might want to spend longer peeking in to all of the building's nooks and crannies. If breakout space is a deal-breaker for you, for instance, you might want to see what other kinds of co-working areas are available throughout the building before you make your decision. 

Who attends the viewing?

Usually, you and any accompanying colleagues will be shown around the building by the building's General Manager or a provider's team member in a similar role. 

Every provider does things slightly differently.  

Operators will follow a structure that either they come up with or that they have been instructed to follow - and they all vary. Some sit you down and show you presentations introducing who they are and how their building works, some walk and talk, and some will ask you how you would prefer to structure the viewing. There is no right or wrong, but each style does have an impact on the viewing length of time and more crucially, gives you a sense of what to expect from that provider; it's a chance for you to discover who is the right fit for you.  

How do I set my serviced office viewings up? 

Flexioffices will set them up for you. All we need is a few contact details from you, we’ll discuss your workspace needs and comprise a shortlist of serviced offices that might work for you. Once you confirm what you'd like to see and your viewing availability, we’ll call the landlord and set it up for you. All you have to do is turn up. 

How soon can I get on my coworking space viewings?

It depends on the landlord's availability, but the flexible workspace to rent moves quickly - that means we can get you on viewings within the hour if that's when works best for you! 

I’m on a tight schedule, how can they be quicker?

We understand that you’re weighing up the needs of an entire workforce on your viewings and might be under pressure to make a decision or shortlist spaces to a tight deadline.
You might need a second opinion or even have to run the final workspace decision by someone else. One way Flexioffices is working to make this process as time-efficient and straight forward for you as possible is by introducing Smart Viewings.

Smart Viewings are Online Guided Tours  that take place between you and the provider, exactly the same as a first viewing - but with the added benefit of being able to view multiple properties across London, in a fraction of the time an in-person commute to multiple locations would take! Good question. Here's 5 questions you need to ask on your serviced office viewings 
If you'd prefer to hear them, check out the video below ⇩

What are the important questions I should be asking on my serviced office viewings?

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