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Clockwise & Flexioffices - An Introduction To Clockwise

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Flexioffices has been leading the way when it comes to providing local, national and international office space for clients and their businesses, with thousands of serviced offices in every major UK city – and more found internationally. With a variety of options out in the market, we work with the largest flex space operators across the globe. We recently sat down with the team at Clockwise Bromley to learn more about their portfolio and how their latest building is a unique space.

When work is more than just a job, you need more than just an office, Clockwise create environments and experiences that are as personal as they are professional.

Provide an overview of Clockwise.

Coral Westwood: “Here at Clockwise, we provide well designed contemporary private offices, shared workspaces and meeting rooms. We’re really flexible with our membership plans and we have a traditional product mixed with serviced and hospitality.”

What makes Clockwise different?

Coral Westwood: “All providers have their strengths some focus on design, others on service and others on affordability.”

Kate Shaw: “We do it all, and we do it really well.”

Are you looking to expand the Clockwise portfolio in the future?

Kate Shaw: “We currently have 15 sites across the UK, everywhere from Edinburgh down to Exeter, we have a really ambitious growth plan, so we have our first site in Europe now, opened in Brussels.”

Coral Westwood: “We are opening in Hague, in the Netherlands and then we’re going to look into Germany as well.”

Kate Shaw: “This year, we have really been focusing on launching second and third phases within some of our buildings. That’s really giving us the opportunity to expand with our members, so people come on-board and they’re quite small when they come on and now with these second and third phase companies are able to expand with us.”

Coral Westwood: “We’re really trying to focus on helping start-up companies grow, bigger companies grow into whole floors and then we’re looking to taking over Europe at the same time.”

What type of customers use the Clockwise portfolio?

Kate Shaw: “We’re really excited to be a part of companies journeys. We work with businesses from every sector, from established multi-nationals, to start-ups with high growth ambitions. The thing that unites them is the desire to do things differently, so they want to work in an inspiring space that really allows their team to collaborate and to be part of an incredible community that we have.”

Coral Westwood: “We really try and incorporate and collaborate with all the other buildings across the UK and Europe and help our teams network and help them grow.”

We’re currently in Clockwise Bromley, what makes this space so unique?

Coral Westwood: “First the history behind the building. It’s a really special building which is absolutely stunning. We have a 24 bedroom boutique hotel on-site, and we have a very high-end restaurant about to launch. This our largest space in Clockwise and it’s our second location within London. We’ve also got old war bunkers and converted prison cells that you can work from.”

Kate Shaw: “I feel like you really need to come and have a look at this space because every floor has a really different vibe, so right now we’re in the basement. We’ve got a really airy second floor, that’s really open. This is a listed building so some of our offices are really court room type feel.”

Coral Westwood: “We have an old judges room and David Bowie got married here so it’s pretty cool.”

Use one word to describe Clockwise.

Coral Westwood: "Unique."

Kate Shaw: "Inspiring."

Want to work from Clockwise Bromley or see any other options on their portfolio? Get in touch today and we can book in a viewing for you. Click here.

Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 17/11/2022 

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