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Mindspace & Flexioffices - An Introduction To Mindspace

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Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 01/11/2022 

At Flexioffices we work and partner with the largest flex space/serviced office providers in the UK and abroad. One of those being Mindspace.

Mindspace was founded in 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel and has grown quickly and can be found across the globe in 40 different locations. Mindspace is a boutique flex space provider, presenting a global mindset with a local flavour. Mindspace redefines the workplace experience for companies of all sizes. The beautifully designed spaces, personalised level of service and carefully curated events enhance employee engagement and build a strong sense of community, accommodating the way people work, innovate and grow. Mindspace's customer base includes blue-chip companies, enterprises and SMBs, in 40 locations, 20 cities and 7 countries across Europe and the US. Along with startups and small companies, Mindspace is home to corporations and large companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Techstars accelerator, Barclays Bank, Taboola, GoPro, Playtika and Klarna.

We recently sat down with Florian Fellmer, General Manager for Mindspace and Dean Da Costa, Broker Relations & Sales Manager to understand the Mindspace portfolio further and hear about the great differences they have in comparison to competitors in the market.

Introduce yourself and describe your role within Mindspace.

FLORIAN: My name is Florian Fellmer, I’m the General Manager for the UK for Mindspace, so I’m responsible for the overall market all the way from community and operations, to sales and broker relations, dealing with everything that the business throws at us.

DEAN: Hi, my name is Dean Da Costa, I’m the Broker Relations and Sales Manager here at Mindspace. My main role here is to take care of all the sales that come in through the business and deal with the leads all the way through to the closing stage, and on top of that building and maintaining relationships with our brokers, whilst understanding the importance of brokerages within the industry.

How does Mindspace differentiate from competitors?

FLORIAN: Well, the world of flexible office space is big and especially in London, you have such a vast diversity of offerings, the way I always try to explain it to customers but also to new members joining our teams, is to say that it is kind of a spectrum from very professional high end serviced environments to more community, fun driven places and at Mindspace we consider ourselves as a true global premium brand that tries to combine fun community features and a feel good environment with the 5 star serviced experience on the other hand, trying to make the best of both worlds.

Which locations are currently on Mindspace’s portfolio?

FLORIAN: Mindspace originates in Israel in Tel Aviv, that’s where our headquarters are based, and this is where a lot of our locations are. We then ventured into continental Europe and have a strong presence in Germany, which is where I joined Mindspace about four years ago. Then, the UK, Romania, the Netherlands and recently have added the US, 42 locations right now and many more to come.

What are the plans for Mindspace in the future?

FLORIAN: We are definitely keen on growth. Some of you might have seen that we have raised a nice 70 million dollars at the end of last year aimed at growth. We have added a few locations in Germany as well. We have just signed a new building in Poland and are very keen to also add more buildings to our UK/London portfolio.

What type of customer base use your portfolio?

FLORIAN: At Mindspace, we have a very diverse customer base, we don’t have one specific industry focus, we don’t have one specific size focus – what we do have is a healthy 50% corporate focus, big occupiers taking whole floors, half floors, being in their own serviced environment whilst at the same time, having a mix of SMB’s, start-ups from all industries that round up the community feel.

What’s your favourite feature of this space and the area?

DEAN: My favourite thing about our Hammersmith building is the community team, I’d say our team is absolutely incredible, they can’t do enough for each of our members and will bend over backwards to ensure that our members are supported in the best way for their business needs. Regarding the area, I would say we’re extremely close to the station, so with Hammersmith station being less than five minutes away it’s extremely beneficial, but on top of that there is a huge influx of really cool street food and pop-up food vendors in the local vicinity too, which is really great for anyone going on their lunch break.

FLORIAN: That is actually a very good question because I think there are quite a few very unique features about this building. First of all, we’re set up in an L shape which means that we have only external facing offices on each side of the building and because of the shape of the building you can easily cut off separate wings from the main communal space and turn them into privatised, custom built, bespoke floorplans for corporate occupiers and it’s a feature that our clients really appreciate. They have their own area, whilst still being in the serviced environment and still being taken care of and having all administrative elements of their office, so we’re happy to show more big corporate occupiers around and show them the ability to customise to their specific needs.

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