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Flexioffices' Moving Office Checklist

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s lifetime, however, if you’re a business owner, then moving office and relocating your staff and equipment to a new premises is probably just as daunting. Logistics, planning, and preparation are key to a successful office move.

“We’ve decided to move office, but we don’t really know how or where to start” - is a phrase we hear more often than not from businesses of all sizes.

Therefore, with our extensive industry experience, we have created an office move checklist to provide you with expert tips and advice on how to make your office move as smooth as possible.

Research & Planning...

Our Commercial Property Agents will help you to…

  • Find the most suitable office space for your budget and requirements.

  • Help to negotiate the best financial terms for you and your business.

  • Typical fees are usually based on a percentage of the annual rent.

Office Viewing & Selection…

  • We recommend that you begin your new office space search 9-18 months in advance of your current lease expiration. However, this does not apply to those who opt for a serviced office space, as you can move in, in as little as 24 hours in serviced offices.

  • Location, location, location… is vital! Ensure that your new office is close to public transport, and local amenities.

  • Ensure that you assess building quality, management, security, and accessibility beforehand. Serviced offices provide manned receptions, building maintenance, and 24-hour access.

Legal, Lease & Financial…

  • It is important to set a realistic budget for additional costs, such as storage, removals, new furniture and manpower for the move.

  • Ensure that you factor in extra service charges, property consultant fees, and business insurance into your budget. For serviced offices, the deposit is typically two months of the license fee.

  • Extra-legal costs could include search fees, Stamp Duty and Land Registry. When it comes to serviced office spaces, there are no legal fees - the office space agreement is a simple document.

Planning & Schedules…

  • Plan, plan, plan… it is essential to organise a strict office moving time frame and schedule for your office move. Depending on the size of your office, and the amount of equipment, we recommend that you plan 3 to 8 months ahead of the move.

  • When deciding upon a removal company, we recommend that you seek several quotes from a variety of companies and sources, always ensure that you check references before agreements.

Relocation Preparation


Work as a team…

  • Defining roles and responsibilities of employees is key. Involvement of others will help to keep people in the loop and will prevent delays further down the line.

  • Communication is key, host meetings to discuss any issues, solutions, and recommendations.

IT & Communications…

  • Make sure that all IT, servers, wiring and telecoms are catered for, hire a specialist to help migrate all existing IT and telecoms into a new office space to reduce disruption. In serviced office spaces, all IT and communications are provided.

  • Ensure that all changes in contact information and address are relayed to clients, staff, and customers.


  • Liaise with the removal company in advance of the moving date, to ensure that all packaging and moving details are defined.

  • Moving office can be a great way to declutter your workspace. Whilst packing dispose of unused equipment, old documents etc.

Your New Office….

  • Prepare your new office with all the utilities and furnishings that you need, make sure that you order all furniture and utilities prior to the move in date. Serviced offices come fully fitted with all facilities and utilities, therefore, there is no need to purchase extras at this time.

  • Conduct a thorough site inspection of your new premises, take photos of the office space in its current condition and note down any damages.

After The Move



  • Research a range of utility providers, to ensure that costs are kept low. For those opting for serviced office spaces, utility bills are included in monthly fee.

  • Cleaning services are a must in any office space after all a tidy desk equals a tidy mind! Serviced offices provide cleaning services.


  • Insurance is important for all businesses, compare quotes to ensure cost efficiency and best cover.

  • Office content insurance policies will cover theft, loss, fire and accidental damage.


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