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Your Perfect Office in 4 Key Steps.

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 Your Perfect Office in 4 Key Steps.

 4 Weeks Before Completion.

Arrange and complete viewings through Flexioffices. Make sure you see enough buildings to be comfortable that you’ve covered the market.

REMEMBER: Don’t be afraid to view buildings which might not be quite right at first glance.

This is a sales process and landlords will want to win your business. 

You can use proposals to your advantage later. 

Receive proposals from every office you have viewed, we can chase these down for you. 

Arrange second viewings with those you liked best (if required) through Flexioffices.

Flexioffices are here to help you structure your search so that you can get the best deal from the market. We know how landlords operate, how they structure their deals and, most importantly, how long they take. We help thousands of people every month and have the inside track on where the best opportunities are.

 3 Weeks Before Completion.

Review proposals and ask Flexioffices to start negotiating on terms (length, price, structure etc.) Have a clear idea of what you need to see from a deal in order to complete.

REMEMBER: The more clear you can be, the more incentivised the landlords will be to meet your needs.

Make sure all decision makers are comfortable with the shortlist. Any disagreements here will probably impact your ability to complete, so this is important!


Conduct second viewings as required with more colleagues /decision-makers.

Make sure you have Terms & Conditions from each landlord on your shortlist. We can chase these down for you. Look for any clauses that jump out and let’s address them early! 

Understand what payments will need to be made to secure the office. Alert your accounts team to be on standby for when you sign the contract. 

We can help you work to timeframes which will make sure you end up with the best deal for you. As long as you can be clear and committed to a specific date by which you can complete, we can make sure the office market chases after you, not the other way around. 

 2 Weeks Before Completion.

You should now have a clear favourite, or two competing favourites. Ask us to conduct final negotiations on the deal terms to drive final value.

REMEMBER: At this stage you need to be able to say to landlords “if you can give me X and X, I will happily sign and pay”.

Understand what payments will need to be made to secure the office.

Receive final contracts and review, ready for signature. Any final revisions will need to be done quickly here in case anything’s been missed!

Do you need approval from head office or a parent company based abroad? Factor this in.

Remember, an office is not ‘yours’ until you have signed a contract and paid a deposit. In a fast-moving marketplace, there are plenty of stories of landlords telling clients they’ve lost an office because someone else signed and paid a deposit whilst they were thinking about it. Keep this in mind when aiming for a future completion date.

 The Week of Completion.

You should now be in a position to sign contracts and transfer deposit money. Make sure to check in with us if there is anything that is a concern.

REMEMBER: The office is not yours until you’ve signed and paid for it, so let’s make the final push before celebrating.

Sign contracts, if you couldn’t do it in the previous stage, send deposit money (and first month’s rent if required) to the landlord.

Send proof of payment if required.

Crack open the champagne! The office is yours!

Remember, once you’re in a flexible office it’s all about the service. BUT, until you’re inside one and you’re negotiating around, it’s a sales transaction. You need to have someone with you that knows what questions to ask, how far to push deals, to structure things in clever ways to make sure you get the right deal for you. That’s us. That’s literally what we do all day every day. 

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