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Revel in remote working part one: the 3 biggest tech turbulences at home

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Businesses are working to give their teams all the get-up-and-go they could need from a distance. Of course, there's an awful lot to consider when flexible working has been imposed upon your business at a rapidly unexpected rate. That's why we're breaking it down for you. Read on to conquer all classic tech issues that your team is having remotely. 

Let’s dive in: 

1. Connection is everything.  

How's your bandwidth? 

There is no greater bore than a weak WiFi connection when working from home and when wifi fails you mid-upload it’s no laughing matter. According to our survey, 20% of businesses felt that better technology would facilitate higher levels of productivity. 


  • Reach out to your company and see if they’re prepared to add a leased line to ensure your wifi is serving you and your job best. 
  • Look into using an IT data centre to access wifi. 
  • Speak to your internet provider and see what they are willing to offer to resolve the issue. 

2. Reliability is also kind of everything. 

The only thing worse than a weak connection is a patchy one. 

We suggest the following:

Too many chefs in the kitchen will spoil the food and the same can be said for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). By this, we mean the way in which you access work files and documents remotely. If your hardware is incompatible with your VPN, you may find yourself dissatisfied/ struggling to access certain files at home. 


  • Instruct your IT Managers / Office managers to shop around for the best VPN for your business. VPN Mentor is a cohesive place to begin your research. 

  • Start by checking how many VPN tunnels your license allows and amend them accordingly. If you’ve had trouble accessing files this year, it’s likely that you require more VPN tunnels than you did before COVID-19, for instance. 

4. Techno turbulence takeaways.

If you can master the CRA (connectivity, reliability, and access) of tech while working from home, you’re way ahead of the big 3 technological issues plaguing the UK as of this year. If any of the CRA are still falling short you must must try: 

  • Speak to your company and see how they can assist you. That could be installing a leased line or helping subsidise a business wifi upgrade. 
  • Not all VPNs are lemons. Dig into what your license currently includes and amend it - or ask the appropriate member of staff to support you. 
  • Find a co-working space for rent and say goodbye to the home-tech woes. 

Find a co-working space for rent and say goodbye to the home-tech woes. 

When all is said and done, we are all trying to complete our jobs as best we can be that from the dining-room desk or kitchen counter. We aren’t all tech pro’s and the best solution to make your job easier is to simply source the experts.  
Virtually al
serviced offices include wifi in their offer. From as little as an hour to as much as a full working week, there are serviced offices all around the UK that can handle what the home wifi sometimes cannot. 
Reach out to us to help you find them. 

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