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Runway East & Flexioffices - An Introduction To Runway East

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Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 08/11/2022 

At Flexioffices we are experts in making the search for office space easy. We've been finding office space for clients for 21+ years and partner with the largest providers in the UK and abroad. We sat down with the team at Runway East to discuss their portfolio and the future for the brand. Watch the full video below.

Introduce yourself and describe your role within Runway East.

Sarah Hamon Watt: My name is Sarah, I’m the Membership Sales Manager at Runway East, so my role is predominantly introducing people to Runway East, seeing if they think an office space could work for them and then hopefully securing an office space with us.

Kreena Pithwa: Hi, I’m Kreena, I’m our Head of Sales at Runway East, my role is predominantly making sure the team is equipped with everything the need and on the retention side, so all of our existing members and helping with the strategy of the business and future expansion.

Charlie Colman: Hi I’m Charlie, I’m also a Membership Manager, a part of our job is working really closely with brokers, we update them with our availably, we invite them to the space, show them around and introduce clients to our space and offices, getting new teams in and building a community.

Provide us an overview of Runway East.

Sarah Hamon Watt: Runway East is essentially a flexible serviced office provider, we provide a happy, fun, community focus space for your teams to come and work, as well as providing just a desk for your team, we also provide all the fun and sparkles around that, so, whether or not that’s free cake on a Wednesday or a drinks trolly on a Friday, we just try and create that extra level of a place for your teams to come and work and be excited to come to work.

How do you differentiate from competitors?

Kreena Pithwa: We put people at the forefront of everything we do, we care about the teams that we bring in and we want to see them grow, we care about their mental health and team culture that they’re trying to create. We put people at the forefront of the service we provide and try to help them build that culture for their teams.

Which areas do you currently cover on your portfolio?

Kreena Pithwa: Currently we’re based across London and Bristol and we’re looking to keep expanding across the UK and across London too.

What are the plans for Runway East in the future?

Kreena Pithwa: We have an expansion team that is working on new locations at the moment, we’re always keen to keep exploring, we’ve just opened up Aldgate East this month, so lots more to come which is great.

What is the type of customer base that use your portfolio?

Charlie Colman: We have a whole range of teams in this space, basically the common ground between the teams in our community, are people who are community obsessed, so people who will have a good time and get on well with the other teams in the space, but we have a whole range of start-ups, scale-ups, well established companies, small teams, growing teams and we even have hot deskers, dedicated deskers, people who are just really keen to get involved with the extra community events that we have.

What are your favourite amenities at Runway East?

Sarah Hamon Watt: I love dogs, so it’s a really great perk that we’re dog friendly and also, we celebrate the fact that people can bring in dogs, and mesh that work place from home and also being able to work from an office as well. I think that’s my favourite perk, being able to bring your dogs in and also the fact we hosted Crufts, I’ve only been here a few months, but we hosted Crufts a few weeks ago, it was during the heatwave so we had to delay it because it was too hot and then we had it and it was a really nice networking  opportunity for all the members that we have as well, it’s cool if your office space could provide something like that.

Kreena Pithwa: For me it’s the on-site café, I like having a barista style café on-site, which is only a couple of seconds walk away from your desk, which is such a perk. Dangerously good, and also you save money by not going outside as well.

Charlie Colman: I love the meeting rooms and the phone booths, especially the ones in Aldgate East because we had someone come in and paint all of the murals and in Shoreditch too, but just the fact that they are regularly available and that they’re so affordable, that’s something that definitely breaks people into our space.

Following on from our interview, we asked the team to describe Runway East in one word each

Sarah: Quirky.

Kreena: Personable.

Charlie: Fun.

Interested in finding out more information on Runway East? Get in contact today.

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