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How to stay productive during the Christmas period

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With Christmas around the corner and festive parties in full swing, it’s hard for many of us to stick to the daily 9-5 work life and actually function productively. Although we all want to spend our time celebrating, or simply at home cuddled up by the fire watching Christmas movies, we still have deadlines to meet and campaigns to finish before we say fond farewells to 2016.

For many Christmas is the opportunity to take time off work, and to spend precious time with their loved ones celebrating the holiday. However, for some, this time of year is great for work - and the perfect excuse to avoid the doom and gloom of in-laws and chores. Unfortunately for all, working effectively and productively from home is a challenge at the best of times, and at Christmas this becomes even more difficult.

If you’re struggling to work productively this holiday season, here are some of our top tips to help get you back on top working form, whilst ensuring that you do enjoy the Christmas period.

Create a plan of action
This may sound like a simple tip, but we assure you it's effective. During the holiday period it can be difficult to juggle work, family tasks, parties, travelling and present hunting. Everything can become overwhelming, especially if you leave the shopping to the last minute or don’t have a plan in place.

We recommend that you split your days, ensure that you take time to enjoy the Christmas period with loved ones, whilst allocating specific times that you will settle down and work productively.

Find a productive space
If you have to work from home over Christmas, it’s important that you find the perfect place in your home where you can focus and relax. We understand that homes can be full of distractions - demanding pets, children or spouses are often the major culprits.

Find a quiet space within your home where you can shut yourself away and enjoy a couple of hours of work. However, if your entire family have descended upon your home this Christmas, why not venture to a local coffee shop, you may be surprised how a change in environment can boost your productivity.

Plug in to avoid distractions
The holiday season can be loud in any type of household - with iconic Christmas songs blasting through the house, children eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa, or simply family members rambling over stories. The best way to avoid the noise and distractions is by plugging in your headphones and listening to soothing music. This can help to relax your mind, increase concentration and boost productivity.

Choose work wisely
Christmas can be a quiet working period for many, with colleagues and clients taking time off to enjoy the holidays. We recommend that you don’t bombard these people with emails, instead why not use your working time to plan for the year ahead - brainstorm new campaigns, ways to help your business, or simply spend the time being creative.

Shop for presents online
Why spend hours queuing for the car park in the city centre, to then eventually find a space and have to fight your way through the shops to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones - when you can find it at your fingertips.

Although it might be too late to suggest that you plan ahead when buying gifts, we recommend that if you’re still searching for presents - then head online now. The majority of big retailers offer next day delivery or click and collect. So avoid the madness of the shopping centre and the hours you’ll waste. This will free up valuable time for work this Christmas.

Finally, be sure not to forget that Christmas is a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. Take time each day to relax, recharge and enjoy the festivities.

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