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The big five personalities and five tips to galvanise them at work:

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Variety is the spice of life and this rings no less true at work. The absence of human contact 2020 has wrought has had a knock-on effect on almost everyone’s mental health. It’s time for companies to think outside of the box when it comes to boosting your people forwards, remotely or in the office. 

Read on to identify your personality type as outlined by SimplyPsychology and our advice to boost you forwards professionally. 

1. The Unconventional. 

The Unconventional embodies a willingness to try new things. They’re imaginative, intellectual, and curious. They’re receptive to new ideas and experiences, valuing variety and independence.

Cancel out blame-culture and cultivate imagination.

Celebrating wins and losses together is just good sense when it comes to motivating a team. The Harvard Business Review notes how crucial it is for Management to spur creativity and input across the ranks:

Rather than simply roll up their sleeves and execute a top-down strategy, employees must contribute to the imagination.” 

Cultivate a there’s-no-such-thing-as-a-bad-idea mentality moving forward to stimulate The Unconventional professionally. 

2. The Conscientious. 

The Conscientious are aware of their behaviour and its impact on those around them. They are highly competent, organised, dutiful, self-disciplined, deliberate, and can complete tasks competently.

Host a weekly quiz. 

Their astute perceptions and organisational skills means The Concscientious can take the Games Master role in their stride. Whether it’s a physical room or a zoom, their natural charisma means they can identify incentives and prizes that will motivate your team. *Hint hint* Flexioffices research has revealed that pawternity and flexible working are valued perks across the UK as of 2020.

3. The Extrovert.

The Extrovert embodies a comfortability, assertiveness and ease in equal measure. They are sociable, energised by people and interaction. Often the centre of attention, this outgoing personality has no trouble working a room. 

Foster a sense of community. 

It is psychologically proven that humans benefit from the interaction. Author of How To Be Happy At Work, Annie McKee observes,

“One of the ways we can make ourselves happy and feel more fulfilled in our workplaces is to build friendships with the people that work with us, for us and even with our boss.”

Nourishing a sense of belonging and community can go a long way to boosting your team's wellbeing and in turn, the quality of work they produce. There are a plethora of team-building activities out there and companies who organise them, such as Moniker. Social interaction contributes to reducing employee presenteeism, depression rates and high blood pressure. Cultivate a company culture that laughs and cries together to boost your Extroverts.
4. The Altruist.

The Altruist types among us are agreeable, trustworthy, straightforward, helpful, compliant, modest, and highly sympathetic. They weigh the level of being open and accepting of others over single-mindedness.

Finesse and share their critical skills and knowledge.

Their straightforward nature makes The Altruist an ideal candidate to inspire your wider team with their new skills and opportunities to expand their career development. Similar to Extroverts, Altruists thrive on human interaction. To really buoy them, entrust them with optimising new technologies and to pass their newly acquired skills onto others - even if (and especially) when working remotely! 
5. The Neurotic.

The Neurotic can show an emotional depth and this can be a help and hindrance to tasks. Anxiety and stress might easily resonate with this personality type, but as does compassion and a deeper understanding of how others might feel. Sometimes vulnerable and other times outspoken, this personality type can be prone to mood shifts. 

Ensure you’ve got a robust wellbeing support scheme in place.

You can best support The Neurotic by understanding the triggers for emotional situations and put in place support to ignite their emotional resilience. We recommend you implement the following:
- Regularly survey your staff.
- Encourage open and honest feedback. Office counsellors are increasingly available and provide an honest, comfortable opportunity for employees to be transparent about what they feel can be improved at work.

- Encourage physical exercise. Not only does physical exercise boost serotonin levels short-term and boost staff morale, but it has lasting positive effects too. 

Support The Neurotic with these systems in place, set them to team tasks and watch them bloom.

The bottom line? Make your people’s work enjoyable for every type of employee. 

One of the best things about Flexioffices and our role as workspace partners is the unique assortment of personalities we get to interact with every single day. 

With all of the challenges 2020 has presented us, embracing change and cultivating a culture where every type of personality can thrive will help your business prosper today and tomorrow. 

If you need a hand looking for the workspace to match the personality, Flexioffices is always on hand to support you. Simply get in touch so we can understand your needs and get the ball rolling. 

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