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What is meant by flexible working?

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Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 08/11/2021 

Traditional set office hours, working 9-5 five days a week, are slowly fading away as more and more employers recognise the benefits of flexible working. But what exactly is flexible working, and how does it benefit both employers and employees?

It might be health related, it might be for family reasons or it might be because you feel that you work better at certain times, but whatever your reason getting the flexibility you want will help you to feel more engaged at work.

 What is flexible working?

The phrase 'flexible working' is an umbrella term for any working arrangements that give employees the freedom and responsibility to organise their time as they wish without feeling tied to a specific work location. It can be particularly effective for businesses with employees who need to keep attending regular meetings, conduct regular research or maintain regular contact with clients or suppliers on a daily basis. The aim of flexible working is to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction while increasing company productivity and profitability.


It’s a common phrase now, but flexible working is now seen as so much more than just “working from home”. In fact, a four-day week is a popular form of flexible working, offering a lot of benefits for both employers and employees.

 What are the advantages of flexible working?

The benefits of flexibility are clear for everybody, but there are still plenty of people unsure about why they should work flexibly. The advantages of flexible working we’ve highlighted are:

Work-life balance

Increased productivity

Stress reduction

Attract and retain retention


The stigma surrounding flexible working is declining. With many people now having to juggle family life with work commitments, being able to work where and when suits you is highly desirable. If you're looking for a way to help your business, look no further than flexible working!

Navigating the vast portfolio of options that suit you can prove to be difficult. Let us help. No mountain is ever too high, we’re not afraid of hard work, and we go the extra mile everyday. Get in contact.

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