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Why Large Industries Are Choosing Coworking Spaces

The world of coworking offices (or serviced offices) was once thought to be the haunt of startups and freelancers, yet larger companies are increasingly tapping into the benefits of shared workplaces. The rise of the entrepreneur, a workforce that are fuelled by technology and the millennial generation has led to enterprise-level businesses looking to embrace the collaborative and flexible nature of coworking.

Whether you are preparing for change, in search of new talent or just a change in company culture, coworking options should not be overlooked, no matter the size of your business.

Are you experiencing growth?

Even in a large company, rapid team expansion or uncertainty around predicted growth requires flexibility. The semi-permanent solution of a coworking office allows you to add space on demand, for employees to enjoy a fully stocked office for minimal effort and all without the commitment of a commercial lease. Coworking spaces often include more flexible contracts that allow for your office to upscale as your business grows.

Serviced solutions are also designed to make your life easy in the event of change, regardless of the size of your business. The ‘ready-to-go’ nature of coworking spaces means that overheads are reduced, there is no complicated paperwork,and the stress of office management and maintenance is taken care of, leaving you to focus on the other priorities that come with growth and keeping business running as usual.

Do you want to grow even more?

Coworking workspaces can also serve as a useful expansion tool as your company moves into different markets and locations. Larger companies trying to enter into new markets are still likely to start with small and agile teams and the flexible nature of serviced office contract sallow for the chance to test new opportunities or areas without the pressure of being tied into something that is more long term. You can keep costs under control, simplify logistics and avoid wasting excess time scoping out the perfect office.

As your company grows, or moves to different styles of working, it may also make sense to test out different locations. Finding office space in prime locations, near key clients and partners, can be nearly impossible and it could take years to find a leased space that fits your needs. Coworking spaces can often be the perfect way into these sought after spots and are ideal for getting new teams up and running away from headquarters.

Just want to keep your finger on the pulse?

With today’s workplace trends centred around creating flexible and collaborative cultures, the different facilities provided by coworking spaces enable large businesses to adapt easily to the different needs of employees. Event spaces and break out areas in serviced offices offer colleagues across different departments and industries the chance to mix,ensuring company culture is reinforced and employees are able to connect to ideas and talent they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.

Large companies should also see coworking spaces as a potential opportunity to flatten hierarchy, break down walls between sectors and as an effective mechanism for attracting and retaining talent. Not only do serviced offices offer a wide range of amenities and networking opportunities but they also offer the chance to be exposed to, and support, innovation and the exchange of ideas. Enterprise businesses are able to tap into the world of startups, keep an eye on new technologies and acquisition targets by placing themselves in their office spaces.

Want to know more about coworking spaces? Check out our handy blog which lists the benefits of coworking.

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