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2022 - The Year to Embrace a Flexible Workspace

Authored by Flynn Forster - Content Marketing Lead  

Published 07/03/2022 

2022 - The Year to Embrace a Flexible Workspace

As the market is returning post COVID and being three months into 2022, it’s becoming more and more apparent that 2022 is the year to embrace flex space. With serviced offices filling up and tenants opting out of long term leases options, they’re beginning to return to the city through seeing the benefits to being housed within a flex space.

Wherever you are in the world, it is likely that there’s an increasing awareness of the importance of flexible working spaces. We’re living in a time where progressive and forward-thinking employers are starting to offer their employees more freedom to work when, where, and how they want. They’re implementing flexible working policies that enable them to bring their A-game to the office and on location.

Within this blog, you’ll find some highlighted trends we feel are going to make an impact this year in the flexible working market.


 Employee experience mattering more now than ever

This has been on the uprise for a while, but now we’re through the other side of the pandemic, it’s clear that employees are looking further into a positive workspace than ever before. They want the flexibility that working from home managed to provide, whilst also having those days in the office to connect with peers in a way which isn’t always achievable through technology.

As a company you need to stand out, a flex space can help provide added incentive to the next crop of potential employees your business is looking for. Benefits that a standard lease option may not be able to provide. Things like:

  • Breakout space.
  • Shower rooms.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Gyms.
  • Kitchens.
  • Event space.
  • Bars.
  • Bikes storage.

 Engaging remote workers

When offering flexible working for employees, you cant have the promise that all staff will be in at the same time. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right tools in place to engage those in the office and those who are remote working.

The world is the office. The notion that employees need to be physically present in an office environment to work is becoming outdated. The truth is, we can communicate and collaborate across boundaries, across cultures, with anyone, anywhere. Having a supportive technology system that allows for collaboration is a must. Make the use of Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex to allow teams to catchup.

 Team building

Moving into a flex space can be an opportunity to build a team in a new environment. With the right approach, you can thrive in your new space.

Organising team events can be a great incentive to get your team eager to get back into the office. Once you make the change into the flex space industry, you’ll happily be greeted with weekly amenities dependent on the provider you’re placed with. You can expect things such as:

  • Regular social events
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free yoga classes
  • Free tea, coffee, snacks and refreshments

An office is more than walls and desks. We understand that workspaces are about people, not property.

We are a fully independent office search company and provide free expert advice based on our unsurpassed knowledge of the UK`s office spaces.

Flexioffices leads the way when it comes to providing local, national and international office space for our clients. Let us help you find a workspace that suits your needs perfectly, where your people can thrive.

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