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The benefits of collaborative working

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Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 22/11/2021 

The benefits of collaborative working


It’s no secret that collaboration is vital for success in today’s business world. However, the traditional office model doesn’t always lend itself to collaboration. Employees are often siloed off in their own cube or behind their own desk, tempted to check out and get their work done rather than engage with coworkers at the next desk over. With the rise of coworking, however, this model is changing.

In the current world, collaboration is the key to success. Thanks to the internet, we can now work with people from all over the world, with the use of products like Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams and lockdown’s hero…Zoom. In this blog, we’ll outline some of the benefits of collaborative working and some tips on how you can make it work for your business.

 Why is collaborative work important?

Collaborative work is a controversial topic. But when it comes to an effective work approach, there is no doubt that it has a lot of advantages. Collaborative work provides many opportunities, such as knowledge sharing, building connections, and boosting team productivity. In today’s economy, we need to produce more with less. Collaboration is the perfect way to achieve this. Using a flexible working and coworking approach in a business through a serviced office space, allows for collaboration to happen in many ways. This can happen with interacting with likeminded business also operating in coworking areas, or using services online to interact and work together to achieve an objective.

Collaboration is one of the most important elements in the workplace. It’s not about sharing ideas with your colleagues but taking that idea, running with it, and then bringing it back to the group. Collaboration is the process in which groups come together to work out solutions to problems or answer questions.

 What are the top benefits of collaboration at work?

  1. Talent attraction and retention
  2. Productive meetings
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Building internal and external connections
  5. Open communication and successful teamwork

Roughly 75% of employees regard collaboration and teamwork as important. Collaboration is in the top four important skills for employees' future success. Via GoRemotely



The majority of serviced offices have spaces for collaborative working through the internet, for example, the main space seen for these activities would be isolated and sound-proof phone booths. An alternative that can be seen is also a meeting room, which has access to WiFi. Cameras and Screens, allowing those all important meetings to become more productive, whilst being able to provide access to people to dial in.


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