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Serviced office space to rent in Stoke Gifford

24 results


Parkway House Hambrook Lane, S...

Serviced offices from £115

serviced-office-Hambrook Lane - BS34-Stoke Gifford-BS34 8QB-picture-1serviced-office-Hambrook Lane - BS34-Stoke Gifford-BS34 8QB-picture-2serviced-office-Hambrook Lane - BS34-Stoke Gifford-BS34 8QB-picture-3serviced-office-Hambrook Lane - BS34-Stoke Gifford-BS34 8QB-picture-4

Bullfinch Close, Bristol, West...

Office space from £89

serviced-office-Bullfinch Close - BS34-Bristol-BS34 6FG-picture-1serviced-office-Bullfinch Close - BS34-Bristol-BS34 6FG-picture-2serviced-office-Bullfinch Close - BS34-Bristol-BS34 6FG-picture-3serviced-office-Bullfinch Close - BS34-Bristol-BS34 6FG-picture-4serviced-office-Bullfinch Close - BS34-Bristol-BS34 6FG-picture-5

Argentum, 510 Bristol Busines...

Serviced offices from £250

serviced-office-Coldharbour Lane - BS16-Bristol-BS16 1EJ-picture-1serviced-office-Coldharbour Lane - BS16-Bristol-BS16 1EJ-picture-2serviced-office-Coldharbour Lane - BS16-Bristol-BS16 1EJ-picture-3serviced-office-Coldharbour Lane - BS16-Bristol-BS16 1EJ-picture-4
serviced-office-Filton Road - BS34--BS34 8QZ-picture-1serviced-office-Filton Road - BS34--BS34 8QZ-picture-2serviced-office-Filton Road - BS34--BS34 8QZ-picture-3serviced-office-Filton Road - BS34--BS34 8QZ-picture-4serviced-office-Filton Road - BS34--BS34 8QZ-picture-5

130 Aztec West Park Avenue, Gl...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Aztec West, Park Avenue--BS32 4UB-picture-1serviced-office-Aztec West, Park Avenue--BS32 4UB-picture-2serviced-office-Aztec West, Park Avenue--BS32 4UB-picture-3serviced-office-Aztec West, Park Avenue--BS32 4UB-picture-4serviced-office-Aztec West, Park Avenue--BS32 4UB-picture-5

160 Aztec Aztec West, Bristol,...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Aztec West - Bristol BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TU-picture-1serviced-office-Aztec West - Bristol BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TU-picture-2serviced-office-Aztec West - Bristol BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TU-picture-3serviced-office-Aztec West - Bristol BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TU-picture-4serviced-office-Aztec West - Bristol BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TU-picture-5

Woodlands Court Ashridge Road,...

Office space from £195

serviced-office-Woodlands Court - Bristol BS32--BS32 4LB-picture-1serviced-office-Woodlands Court - Bristol BS32--BS32 4LB-picture-2serviced-office-Woodlands Court - Bristol BS32--BS32 4LB-picture-3serviced-office-Woodlands Court - Bristol BS32--BS32 4LB-picture-4

Aztec West, Bristol, Avon, BS32

Serviced offices from £250

serviced-office-Aztec West - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TD-picture-1serviced-office-Aztec West - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TD-picture-2serviced-office-Aztec West - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TD-picture-3serviced-office-Aztec West - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4TD-picture-4
serviced-office-Great Park Road  - BS32--BS32 4QL-picture-1serviced-office-Great Park Road  - BS32--BS32 4QL-picture-2serviced-office-Great Park Road  - BS32--BS32 4QL-picture-3serviced-office-Great Park Road  - BS32--BS32 4QL-picture-4serviced-office-Great Park Road  - BS32--BS32 4QL-picture-5

Aztec West, Avon, Avon, BS32

Serviced offices from £123

serviced-office-2430 - 2440, The Quadrant, Aztec West - BS32-Avon-BS32 4AQ-picture-1serviced-office-2430 - 2440, The Quadrant, Aztec West - BS32-Avon-BS32 4AQ-picture-2serviced-office-2430 - 2440, The Quadrant, Aztec West - BS32-Avon-BS32 4AQ-picture-3serviced-office-2430 - 2440, The Quadrant, Aztec West - BS32-Avon-BS32 4AQ-picture-4serviced-office-2430 - 2440, The Quadrant, Aztec West - BS32-Avon-BS32 4AQ-picture-5

Great Park Road, Bristol, BS32

Office space from £128

serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4QW-picture-1serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4QW-picture-2serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4QW-picture-3serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4QW-picture-4serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32-Bristol-BS32 4QW-picture-5
serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32--BS32 4QG-picture-1serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32--BS32 4QG-picture-2serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32--BS32 4QG-picture-3serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32--BS32 4QG-picture-4serviced-office-Great Park Road - BS32--BS32 4QG-picture-5

Cascade Two Aztec West, Avon,...

Serviced offices from £222

serviced-office-Cascade Two - Bristol BS32--BS32 4RR-picture-1serviced-office-Cascade Two - Bristol BS32--BS32 4RR-picture-2

Henleaze House, 13 Harbury Roa...

Serviced offices from £350

serviced-office-Harbury Road - BS9--BS9 4PN-picture-1serviced-office-Harbury Road - BS9--BS9 4PN-picture-2serviced-office-Harbury Road - BS9--BS9 4PN-picture-3serviced-office-Harbury Road - BS9--BS9 4PN-picture-4serviced-office-Harbury Road - BS9--BS9 4PN-picture-5

Hollywood Estate Hollywood Lan...

Serviced offices from £220

serviced-office-Hollywood Lane - BS10-Bristol-BS10 7TW-picture-1serviced-office-Hollywood Lane - BS10-Bristol-BS10 7TW-picture-2serviced-office-Hollywood Lane - BS10-Bristol-BS10 7TW-picture-3serviced-office-Hollywood Lane - BS10-Bristol-BS10 7TW-picture-4serviced-office-Hollywood Lane - BS10-Bristol-BS10 7TW-picture-5

Friary Road, Bristol, BS7

Serviced offices from £150

serviced-office-Friary Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AF-picture-1serviced-office-Friary Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AF-picture-2serviced-office-Friary Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AF-picture-3serviced-office-Friary Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AF-picture-4serviced-office-Friary Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AF-picture-5

1 Trym Lodge Henbury Road, Avo...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Trym Lodge, Henbury Road--BS9 3HQ-picture-1serviced-office-Trym Lodge, Henbury Road--BS9 3HQ-picture-2serviced-office-Trym Lodge, Henbury Road--BS9 3HQ-picture-3serviced-office-Trym Lodge, Henbury Road--BS9 3HQ-picture-4serviced-office-Trym Lodge, Henbury Road--BS9 3HQ-picture-5

111 Gloucester Road, Bristol,...

Office space from £59

serviced-office-Gloucester Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AT-picture-1serviced-office-Gloucester Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AT-picture-2serviced-office-Gloucester Road - BS7-Bristol-BS7 8AT-picture-3

Chelsea Road, South West, BS5

Serviced offices from £170

serviced-office-The Old Co-op - BS5--BS5 6AF-picture-1serviced-office-The Old Co-op - BS5--BS5 6AF-picture-2serviced-office-The Old Co-op - BS5--BS5 6AF-picture-3

Felix Road, South West, BS5

Serviced offices from £170

serviced-office-Easton Business Centre - BS5--BS5 0HE-picture-1serviced-office-Easton Business Centre - BS5--BS5 0HE-picture-2serviced-office-Easton Business Centre - BS5--BS5 0HE-picture-3serviced-office-Easton Business Centre - BS5--BS5 0HE-picture-4

196-198 Cheltenham Road, Avon...

Serviced offices from £440

serviced-office-Bell Business Centre, Cheltenham Road--BS6 5QZ-picture-2serviced-office-Bell Business Centre, Cheltenham Road--BS6 5QZ-picture-3serviced-office-Bell Business Centre, Cheltenham Road--BS6 5QZ-picture-4serviced-office-Bell Business Centre, Cheltenham Road--BS6 5QZ-picture-5
serviced-office-Pennywell Road - Bristol BS5--BS5 0TG-picture-1

Kingswood House South Road, Av...

Office space from £280

serviced-office-Kingswood House, South Road--BS15 8JF-picture-1

Trinity Road, St Phillips, Avo...

Office space from £150

serviced-office-The Old Library - Bristol--BS2 0NW-picture-1serviced-office-The Old Library - Bristol--BS2 0NW-picture-2serviced-office-The Old Library - Bristol--BS2 0NW-picture-3serviced-office-The Old Library - Bristol--BS2 0NW-picture-4

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