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Serviced office space to rent in Knowsley Business Park

11 results


Frameline Business centre Arbo...

Office space from £260

serviced-office-Arbour Lane - L33--L33 7XB-picture-1serviced-office-Arbour Lane - L33--L33 7XB-picture-2serviced-office-Arbour Lane - L33--L33 7XB-picture-3serviced-office-Arbour Lane - L33--L33 7XB-picture-4
serviced-office-Knowsley Industrial Park - L33--L33 7SY-picture-1serviced-office-Knowsley Industrial Park - L33--L33 7SY-picture-2serviced-office-Knowsley Industrial Park - L33--L33 7SY-picture-3serviced-office-Knowsley Industrial Park - L33--L33 7SY-picture-4serviced-office-Knowsley Industrial Park - L33--L33 7SY-picture-5

Knowsley Hall Knowsley, Presco...

Serviced offices from £125

serviced-office-Knowsley - L34-Prescot-L34 4AG-picture-1serviced-office-Knowsley - L34-Prescot-L34 4AG-picture-2

Reception Building Woodward Ro...

Serviced offices from £250

serviced-office-Woodward Road - L33--L33 7UY-picture-1serviced-office-Woodward Road - L33--L33 7UY-picture-2serviced-office-Woodward Road - L33--L33 7UY-picture-3serviced-office-Woodward Road - L33--L33 7UY-picture-4

Clock Tower Park Longmoor Lan...

Serviced offices from £300

serviced-office-Longmoor Lane - L10--L10 1LD-picture-1serviced-office-Longmoor Lane - L10--L10 1LD-picture-2serviced-office-Longmoor Lane - L10--L10 1LD-picture-3serviced-office-Longmoor Lane - L10--L10 1LD-picture-4serviced-office-Longmoor Lane - L10--L10 1LD-picture-5

Big Padlock Long Lane, Liverp...

Serviced offices from £68

serviced-office-Long Lane, Aintree - L9--L9 7BD-picture-1serviced-office-Long Lane, Aintree - L9--L9 7BD-picture-2serviced-office-Long Lane, Aintree - L9--L9 7BD-picture-3serviced-office-Long Lane, Aintree - L9--L9 7BD-picture-4serviced-office-Long Lane, Aintree - L9--L9 7BD-picture-5

Bechers Business Park Heysham...

Office space from £50

serviced-office-Heysham Rd - L30--L30 6UZ-picture-1serviced-office-Heysham Rd - L30--L30 6UZ-picture-2serviced-office-Heysham Rd - L30--L30 6UZ-picture-3serviced-office-Heysham Rd - L30--L30 6UZ-picture-4

Anfield Business Centre, 58 B...

Serviced offices from £100

serviced-office-Breckfield Road South - Liverpool L6-Liverpool-L6 5DR-picture-1serviced-office-Breckfield Road South - Liverpool L6-Liverpool-L6 5DR-picture-2serviced-office-Breckfield Road South - Liverpool L6-Liverpool-L6 5DR-picture-3serviced-office-Breckfield Road South - Liverpool L6-Liverpool-L6 5DR-picture-4serviced-office-Breckfield Road South - Liverpool L6-Liverpool-L6 5DR-picture-5

Rupert House, 36-38 Breckfiel...

Serviced offices from £50

serviced-office-Breckfield Road North - L5--L5 4NH-picture-1serviced-office-Breckfield Road North - L5--L5 4NH-picture-2serviced-office-Breckfield Road North - L5--L5 4NH-picture-3serviced-office-Breckfield Road North - L5--L5 4NH-picture-4serviced-office-Breckfield Road North - L5--L5 4NH-picture-5

Signature House, 232a Rainhill...

Serviced offices from £205

serviced-office-Rainhill Road - L35--L35 4LD-picture-1serviced-office-Rainhill Road - L35--L35 4LD-picture-2serviced-office-Rainhill Road - L35--L35 4LD-picture-3serviced-office-Rainhill Road - L35--L35 4LD-picture-4serviced-office-Rainhill Road - L35--L35 4LD-picture-5

Red Lion Buildings - 1 Liverp...

Serviced offices from £150

serviced-office-Liverpool Road North - Liverpool--L31 2HB-picture-1serviced-office-Liverpool Road North - Liverpool--L31 2HB-picture-3serviced-office-Liverpool Road North - Liverpool--L31 2HB-picture-4

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Office Space to Rent in Knowsley Business Park

We have a variety of serviced offices available to rent in Knowsley Business Park. Each office space is offered at the best rates and suited to your individual needs and requirements.

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