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Serviced office space to rent in Sheffield

20 results


61 Wostenholm Road, Sheffield...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Wostenholm Road - S7-Sheffield-S7 1LE-picture-1serviced-office-Wostenholm Road - S7-Sheffield-S7 1LE-picture-2serviced-office-Wostenholm Road - S7-Sheffield-S7 1LE-picture-3serviced-office-Wostenholm Road - S7-Sheffield-S7 1LE-picture-4

Redlands Business Centre Tapto...

Serviced offices from £220

serviced-office-Redlands Business Centre - Sheffield S10-Sheffield-S10 5BY-picture-1serviced-office-Redlands Business Centre - Sheffield S10-Sheffield-S10 5BY-picture-2

Eyre Street, Sheffield, Sheffi...

Serviced offices from £195

serviced-office-32, Eyre Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QZ-picture-1serviced-office-32, Eyre Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QZ-picture-2serviced-office-32, Eyre Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QZ-picture-3serviced-office-32, Eyre Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QZ-picture-4serviced-office-32, Eyre Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QZ-picture-5

The Innovation Centre 217 Port...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Portobello Road - S1-Sheffield-S1 4DP-picture-1serviced-office-Portobello Road - S1-Sheffield-S1 4DP-picture-2serviced-office-Portobello Road - S1-Sheffield-S1 4DP-picture-3serviced-office-Portobello Road - S1-Sheffield-S1 4DP-picture-4

Sheaf Bank Business Park Prosp...

Serviced offices from £210

serviced-office-Prospect Road - S2--S2 3EN-picture-1serviced-office-Prospect Road - S2--S2 3EN-picture-3serviced-office-Prospect Road - S2--S2 3EN-picture-4serviced-office-Prospect Road - S2--S2 3EN-picture-5

First Floor, Furnival House F...

Serviced offices from £175

serviced-office-Furnival Gate - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QP-picture-1serviced-office-Furnival Gate - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QP-picture-2serviced-office-Furnival Gate - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QP-picture-3serviced-office-Furnival Gate - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QP-picture-4serviced-office-Furnival Gate - S1-Sheffield-S1 4QP-picture-5

18-20 Union St, Sheffield, So...

Serviced offices from £45

serviced-office-Union St - S1-Sheffield-S1 2JP-picture-1serviced-office-Union St - S1-Sheffield-S1 2JP-picture-2serviced-office-Union St - S1-Sheffield-S1 2JP-picture-3serviced-office-Union St - S1-Sheffield-S1 2JP-picture-4serviced-office-Union St - S1-Sheffield-S1 2JP-picture-5

Sheffield Technology Park, Coo...

Serviced offices from £250

serviced-office-Arundel Street - S1--S1 2NS-picture-1serviced-office-Arundel Street - S1--S1 2NS-picture-2serviced-office-Arundel Street - S1--S1 2NS-picture-3serviced-office-Arundel Street - S1--S1 2NS-picture-4serviced-office-Arundel Street - S1--S1 2NS-picture-5

(The Balance) 7th Floor, 2 Pin...

Serviced offices from £144

serviced-office-Pinfold Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 2GU-picture-1serviced-office-Pinfold Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 2GU-picture-2serviced-office-Pinfold Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 2GU-picture-3serviced-office-Pinfold Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 2GU-picture-4serviced-office-Pinfold Street - S1-Sheffield-S1 2GU-picture-5

Brown Street, Sheffield, S1

Serviced offices from £176

serviced-office-Brown Street - S1--S1 2BS-picture-1serviced-office-Brown Street - S1--S1 2BS-picture-2serviced-office-Brown Street - S1--S1 2BS-picture-3serviced-office-Brown Street - S1--S1 2BS-picture-4serviced-office-Brown Street - S1--S1 2BS-picture-5

15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield,...

Serviced offices from £220

serviced-office-Paternoster Row - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BX-picture-1serviced-office-Paternoster Row - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BX-picture-2serviced-office-Paternoster Row - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BX-picture-3

Courtwood House Silver Street ...

Serviced offices from £135

serviced-office-Silver Street Head - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DD-picture-1serviced-office-Silver Street Head - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DD-picture-2serviced-office-Silver Street Head - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DD-picture-3serviced-office-Silver Street Head - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DD-picture-4serviced-office-Silver Street Head - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DD-picture-5

North Church House, 84 Queen S...

Serviced offices from £100

serviced-office-Northchurch Business Centre - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DW-picture-1serviced-office-Northchurch Business Centre - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DW-picture-2serviced-office-Northchurch Business Centre - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DW-picture-3serviced-office-Northchurch Business Centre - S1-Sheffield-S1 2DW-picture-4
serviced-office-Concourse Way - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BJ-picture-1serviced-office-Concourse Way - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BJ-picture-2serviced-office-Concourse Way - S1-Sheffield-S1 2BJ-picture-3

Penistone Road, Sheffield, Sou...

Serviced offices from £350

serviced-office-Penistone Road - S6-Sheffield-S6 3AE-picture-1serviced-office-Penistone Road - S6-Sheffield-S6 3AE-picture-2serviced-office-Penistone Road - S6-Sheffield-S6 3AE-picture-3serviced-office-Penistone Road - S6-Sheffield-S6 3AE-picture-4serviced-office-Penistone Road - S6-Sheffield-S6 3AE-picture-5
serviced-office-North Bank - S3-Sheffield-S3 8JY-picture-1serviced-office-North Bank - S3-Sheffield-S3 8JY-picture-2serviced-office-North Bank - S3-Sheffield-S3 8JY-picture-3serviced-office-North Bank - S3-Sheffield-S3 8JY-picture-4serviced-office-North Bank - S3-Sheffield-S3 8JY-picture-5
serviced-office-Aizlewood's Mill - Sheffield-Sheffield-S3 8GG-picture-1serviced-office-Aizlewood's Mill - Sheffield-Sheffield-S3 8GG-picture-2serviced-office-Aizlewood's Mill - Sheffield-Sheffield-S3 8GG-picture-3serviced-office-Aizlewood's Mill - Sheffield-Sheffield-S3 8GG-picture-4

The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenu...

Serviced offices from £150

serviced-office-Parkway Avenue - Sheffield-Sheffield-S9 4WG-picture-1serviced-office-Parkway Avenue - Sheffield-Sheffield-S9 4WG-picture-2serviced-office-Parkway Avenue - Sheffield-Sheffield-S9 4WG-picture-3serviced-office-Parkway Avenue - Sheffield-Sheffield-S9 4WG-picture-4serviced-office-Parkway Avenue - Sheffield-Sheffield-S9 4WG-picture-5

The Hart Shaw Building Europa ...

Serviced offices from £210

serviced-office-SO Offices - Sheffield S9-Sheffield-S9 1XU-picture-1serviced-office-SO Offices - Sheffield S9-Sheffield-S9 1XU-picture-2serviced-office-SO Offices - Sheffield S9-Sheffield-S9 1XU-picture-3serviced-office-SO Offices - Sheffield S9-Sheffield-S9 1XU-picture-4serviced-office-SO Offices - Sheffield S9-Sheffield-S9 1XU-picture-5
serviced-office-Meeting Rooms - Meadowhall Centre - S9-Sheffield-S9 1EP-picture-1serviced-office-Meeting Rooms - Meadowhall Centre - S9-Sheffield-S9 1EP-picture-2serviced-office-Meeting Rooms - Meadowhall Centre - S9-Sheffield-S9 1EP-picture-3serviced-office-Meeting Rooms - Meadowhall Centre - S9-Sheffield-S9 1EP-picture-4serviced-office-Meeting Rooms - Meadowhall Centre - S9-Sheffield-S9 1EP-picture-5

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Considering serviced office space in Sheffield?

Located in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is one of the eight largest regional English cities and is known for being at the centre of the UK’s manufacturing industry. Sheffield has also developed a reputation as the number one destination for outdoor enthusiasts with 61% of the area being green space while also being on the doorstep of the Peak District.

With office space in Sheffield you are able to enjoy an array of fascinating cultural attractions from museums and galleries to theatres and festivals. Tenants of serviced office space in Sheffield have access to some of the best restaurants and bars meaning you’ll never run out of choice when it comes to entertaining clients or enjoying your lunch breaks.

There are a range of different serviced offices in Sheffield. Some have been built in a period style, in keeping with the classic and typical architecture of their immediate area. Or, for those looking for serviced offices in a more modern environment, there is the new, purpose built, state of the art business park offering a mix of hybrid units and hi-tech office suites.

Sheffield Transport

Serviced offices in Sheffield are extremely commutable & accessible for staff and clients alike. Sheffield is well linked to national motorways via the M1 and M18 motorways and the Sheffield Parkway connects the city centre with the motorways.
The closest international airport to Sheffield is Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which is located 18 miles. Leeds Bradford International Airport and East Midlands Airport lie within one hour's drive of the city, and Manchester Airport is connected to Sheffield by a direct train every hour.
There are a number of major railway routes which run through Sheffield railway station connecting the city to London via the East Midlands. There are also a number of other services connecting to city to various parts of the UK, meaning tenants of serviced offices in Sheffield are very well connected.

The Sheffield Supertram, owned and operated by Stagecoach, opened in 1994, shortly after the similar Metrolink scheme in Manchester. Its network consists of 37 miles (60 km) of track and three lines, from Halfway to Malin Bridge (Blue Line), from Meadowhall to Middlewood (Yellow Line), and from Meadowhall to Herdings Park (Purple Line), with all three lines running via the city centre. The system runs on both roads and train tracks, depending upon the section and line. The supertram serves as an important connection between areas in the North East of Sheffield (namely Meadowhall and Valley Centertainment) and the city centre. Because it is operated by the Stagecoach Group, the ticketing system for the Supertram is integrated with Stagecoach buses in Sheffield, meaning passengers can switch between the two modes of transport without having to buy a separate ticket.

Sheffield serviced offices are served by Sheffield’s main hub at Sheffield Interchange. Other bus stations lie at Halfway, Hillsborough and Meadowhall. A flurry of new operators were created after deregulation in 1986, though a series of mergers has reduced the number.

There are numerous bus operators within Sheffield: First, Stagecoach, TM Travel, Hulleys of Baslow, Powell's Co, K&H Doyle and Sheffield Community Transport. In 2008, the Bus Rapid Transit Scheme between Sheffield and Rotherham was approved by the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly's Regional Transport Board. There are plans for two routes; one (the Northern route) via Meadowhall and Templeborough, and the other via the developing employment centre and Waverley.

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