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What is included in serviced offices?

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Authored by The Flexi Team  

Published 29/11/2021 

What is included in serviced offices?

Many people wonder what’s included in serviced offices. Is the furniture included? Are the desks, chairs, and tables provided? What about the computers and Wi-Fi? And what about the cleaning staff that caretake the office space? All of these services are included in a serviced office, and there are many more. Companies like WeWork and Work.Life are great examples of a premium experience with offerings that are more than the benefits just listed.

Serviced offices are an increasingly popular workplace option, but they can seem like a confusing concept. Here’s everything you need to know about serviced offices, including what they are, how they work, and whether they’re right for you.

What does having a fully serviced office mean?

There are numerous benefits to having a fully serviced office, which is why these types of facilities are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they provide a flexible working environment, but they also leave you with time and money to do what you need to do — whether that’s launch a new business venture or spend time with the family.

The key benefit of a fully serviced office is that it gives you the ability to work from a central location, which means that you can connect with customers or potential clients much more easily. Having a fully serviced office can save you a fortune, especially if you work from home and have running costs associated with your home. A fully serviced office is everything you need in one place — from the location to the furniture.

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Who uses serviced offices?

Many corporate companies still think a serviced office is a glorified call center, but there is a lot more to serviced offices, and they’re not all the same. Some are more like a traditional office with a receptionist and admin support, while others are more like a hotel offering free Wi-Fi, coffee and the use of meeting rooms.

As the world becomes more virtual, it’s understandable that businesses are looking for flexible, cost-effective ways to work. Serviced offices provide a number of benefits for businesses of all sizes, including business address services, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and more, it is an ideal option for businesses that are growing, need to expand office space, or are trying to save money by cutting down on overheads.

There are many agreements that can be made in place for what you need. Many ways people adopt working in a serviced office is a coworking approach. This allows for companies alike to work and collaborate under one roof.

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How do serviced offices work?

It’s important to note that not all needs are the same. For example, if your office is not used much and has few potential customers, having a cleaner, newer space may not be worth the expense. You will need to determine whether any specific upgrades perform to your advantage. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to do major renovations twice a year rather than once a year.

A serviced office allows a company to manage an additional office space. Consider how big an empty conference room or meeting room really is. For most companies, an extra 15, 20, 25, or 30 square feet of office space can really impact an office’s flexibility. A serviced office makes it possible to expand out to allow for increased office density by improving the ratio of staff to square footage.

Being able to bring your staff together in a location where they are totally focused on the job at hand, without having to worry about anything else, can ensure your business is operating at the highest level possible. A fully serviced office space is exactly that...


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