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Serviced office space to rent in Warrington

20 results


The Genesis Centre Science Pa...

Office space from £135

serviced-office-The Genesis Centre - WA3--WA3 7BH-picture-1serviced-office-The Genesis Centre - WA3--WA3 7BH-picture-2serviced-office-The Genesis Centre - WA3--WA3 7BH-picture-3serviced-office-The Genesis Centre - WA3--WA3 7BH-picture-4serviced-office-The Genesis Centre - WA3--WA3 7BH-picture-5
serviced-office-Winwick Quay - WA2-Warrington-WA2 8QU-picture-1serviced-office-Winwick Quay - WA2-Warrington-WA2 8QU-picture-2serviced-office-Winwick Quay - WA2-Warrington-WA2 8QU-picture-3
serviced-office-Winwick Quay - WA2-Warrington-WA2 8QT-picture-1

Dallam Court Dallam Lane, War...

Office space from £225

serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7LT-picture-1serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7LT-picture-2serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7LT-picture-3serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7LT-picture-4serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7LT-picture-5

Bewsey Street, Warrington, Che...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Bewsey Street - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7JQ-picture-1serviced-office-Bewsey Street - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7JQ-picture-2serviced-office-Bewsey Street - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7JQ-picture-3

The Base Dallam Lane, Warring...

Serviced offices from £223

serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7NG-picture-1serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7NG-picture-2serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7NG-picture-3serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7NG-picture-4serviced-office-Dallam Lane - WA2-Warrington-WA2 7NG-picture-5

Sankey Street, Warrington, Che...

Serviced offices from £125

serviced-office-Sankey Street - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1NN-picture-1serviced-office-Sankey Street - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1NN-picture-2serviced-office-Sankey Street - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1NN-picture-3serviced-office-Sankey Street - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1NN-picture-4serviced-office-Sankey Street - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1NN-picture-5

Winwick Street, Cheshire, WA2

Office space from £225

serviced-office-Station House, Winwick Street - WA2--WA2 7TT-picture-1serviced-office-Station House, Winwick Street - WA2--WA2 7TT-picture-2serviced-office-Station House, Winwick Street - WA2--WA2 7TT-picture-3serviced-office-Station House, Winwick Street - WA2--WA2 7TT-picture-4serviced-office-Station House, Winwick Street - WA2--WA2 7TT-picture-5

Centre park, Warrington, Chesh...

Office space from £189

serviced-office-Centre Park - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1QA-picture-1serviced-office-Centre Park - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1QA-picture-2serviced-office-Centre Park - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1QA-picture-3serviced-office-Centre Park - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1QA-picture-4serviced-office-Centre Park - WA1-Warrington-WA1 1QA-picture-5

Bold Business Centre Bold Lan...

Serviced offices from £195

serviced-office-Bold Lane - WA9--WA9 4TX-picture-1serviced-office-Bold Lane - WA9--WA9 4TX-picture-2serviced-office-Bold Lane - WA9--WA9 4TX-picture-3serviced-office-Bold Lane - WA9--WA9 4TX-picture-4serviced-office-Bold Lane - WA9--WA9 4TX-picture-5
serviced-office-600 Lakeside Drive - WA1--WA1 1RG-picture-1serviced-office-600 Lakeside Drive - WA1--WA1 1RG-picture-2serviced-office-600 Lakeside Drive - WA1--WA1 1RG-picture-3serviced-office-600 Lakeside Drive - WA1--WA1 1RG-picture-4serviced-office-600 Lakeside Drive - WA1--WA1 1RG-picture-5
serviced-office-Wilderspool Causeway - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6PS-picture-1serviced-office-Wilderspool Causeway - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6PS-picture-2serviced-office-Wilderspool Causeway - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6PS-picture-3serviced-office-Wilderspool Causeway - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6PS-picture-4serviced-office-Wilderspool Causeway - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6PS-picture-5

Bridge Street, Newton Le Willo...

Office space from £195

serviced-office-42/44 Bridge Street - WA12-Newton Le Willows-WA12 9QT-picture-1serviced-office-42/44 Bridge Street - WA12-Newton Le Willows-WA12 9QT-picture-2serviced-office-42/44 Bridge Street - WA12-Newton Le Willows-WA12 9QT-picture-3serviced-office-42/44 Bridge Street - WA12-Newton Le Willows-WA12 9QT-picture-4serviced-office-42/44 Bridge Street - WA12-Newton Le Willows-WA12 9QT-picture-5

Wilderspool Park Greenalls Ave...

Serviced offices from £200

serviced-office-Greenalls Avenue - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6HL-picture-1serviced-office-Greenalls Avenue - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6HL-picture-2serviced-office-Greenalls Avenue - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6HL-picture-3serviced-office-Greenalls Avenue - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6HL-picture-4serviced-office-Greenalls Avenue - WA4-Warrington-WA4 6HL-picture-5

Crab Lane, Cheshire, Cheshire,...

Serviced offices from £110

serviced-office-Crab Lane - WA2-Cheshire-WA2 0XP-picture-1serviced-office-Crab Lane - WA2-Cheshire-WA2 0XP-picture-2serviced-office-Crab Lane - WA2-Cheshire-WA2 0XP-picture-3serviced-office-Crab Lane - WA2-Cheshire-WA2 0XP-picture-4serviced-office-Crab Lane - WA2-Cheshire-WA2 0XP-picture-5

Kelvin Close, Warrington, Ches...

Serviced offices from £240

serviced-office-2 Kelvin Close - WA3-Warrington-WA3 7PB-picture-1serviced-office-2 Kelvin Close - WA3-Warrington-WA3 7PB-picture-2serviced-office-2 Kelvin Close - WA3-Warrington-WA3 7PB-picture-3serviced-office-2 Kelvin Close - WA3-Warrington-WA3 7PB-picture-4serviced-office-2 Kelvin Close - WA3-Warrington-WA3 7PB-picture-5

Carnoustie House Kelvin Close...

Serviced offices from £240

serviced-office-Kelvin Close - WA3--WA3 7PB-picture-1serviced-office-Kelvin Close - WA3--WA3 7PB-picture-2serviced-office-Kelvin Close - WA3--WA3 7PB-picture-3
serviced-office-Warrington Road - WA3--WA3 6ZH-picture-1serviced-office-Warrington Road - WA3--WA3 6ZH-picture-2serviced-office-Warrington Road - WA3--WA3 6ZH-picture-3serviced-office-Warrington Road - WA3--WA3 6ZH-picture-4serviced-office-Warrington Road - WA3--WA3 6ZH-picture-5
serviced-office-Millfield Lane - WA11--WA11 9UT-picture-3serviced-office-Millfield Lane - WA11--WA11 9UT-picture-4

Lea Green Business Park, Eurol...

Serviced offices from £299

serviced-office-Lea Green Business Park - WA9-St Helens-WA9 4TR-picture-1serviced-office-Lea Green Business Park - WA9-St Helens-WA9 4TR-picture-2serviced-office-Lea Green Business Park - WA9-St Helens-WA9 4TR-picture-3serviced-office-Lea Green Business Park - WA9-St Helens-WA9 4TR-picture-4serviced-office-Lea Green Business Park - WA9-St Helens-WA9 4TR-picture-5

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Considering a serviced office in Warrington?

Warrington is a large town located in the county of Cheshire, between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Situated on the banks of the river Mersey, the expansion and urbanisation of the town largely coincided with the Industrial Revolution, particularly after the Mersey was made navigable in the 18th century.

Serviced offices in Warrington can benefit from the town’s rich and varied history as well as a number of local attractions. The town boasts a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars ranging from major chains to independent coffee shops.

With an office space in Warrington you can enjoy a prominent business park position, a modern and contemporary office space or an elegant Georgian office building situated in and around the town centre, moments from the main shopping area, banks and railway station.

Warrington Transport

Tenants with serviced offices in Warrington have access to excellent public transport ensuring you are always well connected when it comes to travelling to and from your Warrington serviced office space.
  • Liverpool Airport - 13 miles
  • Manchester Airport - 16 miles
  • Blackpool Airport - 49 miles
Warrington has two main railway stations with trains running to various parts of the UK including; London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Wales.
There are multiple bus services operating throughout Warrington connecting the town to a number of other cities. Warrington Borough Transport runs most bus services within the town meaning tenants of serviced offices in this area are always well connected.
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